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"The problem of sickness and chronic diseases  

related to immune system which never go away."       

The cause is the immune function process not the right path. 

Yes there is the way to eliminate the cause of this problem."        


 Distribute  :  Human use  &  Pet  Product 



 Product  interested  or  more  Informations...



 Contact  :  Mr.Phukit  :  081-866-4824  , 061-294-2359   

   ID Line :  bhukit-o  or  4Life4health 



 4Life Transfer Factor product of USA.

  FDA Thai (Food and Drug Administration)

including the protection and Extra treatment seen

in PDR (Physicians'desk reference)








 Making 4Life Transfer Factor for the world (subthai) 














Service Countries & Branches

More than 70 Countries






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